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FAQ June 2018

Northolt FAQ – June 18

1. Why do I have to move out of my home?

Homes for Haringey has evaluated all of the options and structural reports. Even if the consultation results in the block being strengthened rather than demolished, due to the nature of the work required, the level of disruption would mean that it would it would not be safe or practical to carry out these works with residents remaining in the blocks.

2. When do I have to move out of my home?

It is anticipated that these works to the block would not begin until Summer 2019.

3. Why is the decision to consult with residents of Northolt block now?

The Council’s Cabinet has taken the decision to consult the residents of Tangmere and Northolt blocks about the future of each block and the rehousing policy at the same time to better inform the decision about the future of the buildings by autumn 2018.

4. Can we apply to move to new homes now?

Anyone can apply to join the housing register but they will not have priority to move until a decision is made on the future of Northolt. Our initial priority is to find homes for the residents of Tangmere by October when the gas supply to the block will be switched off.

If this position changes we will notify you.

5. I am a leaseholder- what should I do?

If you are a leaseholder, we understand that you will have specific questions and concerns. We can discuss with you options for finding another home in the borough during the works or buying back your property, if you wish to do so. Please contact our dedicated liaison team. They will be able to give you more information about how we can support you through this process. You can visit them at the Broadwater Farm Neighbourhood Office or call them on 0800 953 0221.

6. I rent from a private landlord - what support will be available for me?

If you rent from a private landlord, they will also receive a copy of this information. Please contact them in the first instance to discuss your options. Our dedicated liaison team will assist you in any way that we can.

7. What support will be on offer to Homes for Haringey tenants?

We will meet with every tenant to discuss their individual circumstances and you will be made an offer of alternative accommodation based on your individual needs.

8. Will the new property be in the borough/close to work/school/family?

We anticipate that the majority of people will want to remain in the local area and we will attempt to rehouse you according to your preferences. For those who may want to move further or nearer family and friends, there will be properties available across Haringey and we can help with options further away, if you wish.

9. How will the properties be allocated to tenants?

We will match people to properties of suitable size and then consider individual preferences. Where there is more than one household who meets the size and preferences for a property, priority will be given to households who contain a vulnerable person.  Next we will consider those who have children attending a local school. Other local connections, such as support services, may also be considered on an individual basis.

Where there is more than one household suitable for a property, and which share the priority as described above, priority will be given on the basis of who has the longest tenancy on the estate. For this purpose, those who have succeeded the tenancy to their home will be given the start date of the original tenancy at that property.

10. Will I get a home the same size?

You will be offered a home based on your housing need. This means we will offer you a property with the right number of bedrooms to match the size of your family. If you are currently under-occupying your home by more than one bedroom and wish to retain one spare bedroom, we will consider this.

11. Will my rent go up/down?

You will be charged the rent for the property you have been rehoused to. The charge for a similar sized property is likely to be very similar.  If this is not the case, we will consider a solution based on individual circumstances and budgeting advice. The new rent is likely to be different if you move to a larger or smaller home.  We will work with you to compare the monthly charge (rent and service charge) as taken together.

12. Can I move to another area?

Yes, we will discuss your preferences with you. If you have another area in mind, we will try to find you a new home in that area. There are however areas in the borough in high demand where the council has few properties, so you may not get your choice of area.

13. Can I find a private rental home?

Yes and we can assist you in this process. Please talk to our dedicated liaison team.

14. Who will help with finding me a new social housing property?

A dedicated liaison team has been set up by Homes for Haringey. You will be given a named dedicated liaison officer who will support you through the process of finding and moving into your new home and who will continue to support you once you have moved. 

15. Who will pay the moving costs?

A payment will be paid to you to cover the costs of moving home.

16. Will I receive any compensation?

You will get financial support to cover the cost of moving home. If a decision is made to demolish your block so that it is not possible to move back to your original home, we will pay appropriate compensation if you are a secure tenant or resident leaseholder. We will honour this even if you have already moved when the decision is made.

17. What if I refuse to move?

If the decision is made by Cabinet to rehouse the residents, there won’t be an option to stay. Ultimately, legal action would be taken followed by evictions. This is not a step we would take lightly and we hope to avoid it.

By working together, we can rehouse people in the most suitable properties. If we had to engage in legal enforcement, this would impose timescales where we might not be able to rehouse you in the most suitable property and you may be offered accommodation that doesn’t meet your needs.

18. How long will I have to move out for?

We will keep you fully informed as and when decisions are made and timescales are known. We appreciate that moving house is stressful and so where people prefer to make the new offer their permanent home, we will work with you to achieve this.

19. What is happening to the block?

The future of the building is still to be decided. We will ask your views on the options of demolition of your block, with the intention of rebuilding new replacement homes for existing residents on the Broadwater Farm estate; and on the option of strengthening your block.

Consultations with affected residents will run over the summer.

A consultation will be carried out with residents (which includes non-resident leaseholders) of Northolt and Tangmere on the future of their respective blocks.

There will also be consultations on the proposed Rehousing and Payments Policy and the Local Lettings Plan.

You will receive consultation documents with more details about this in the coming weeks and drop-in sessions will be arranged.

20. Can I choose to stay in my new property permanently?

We anticipate being able to rehouse you into a property where you can choose to stay permanently.

There may be a small number of people who need to move somewhere temporarily before a permanent offer can be made. We’re not expecting this to happen, but until we complete all of the individual assessments, we can’t say for sure.

21. Is it safe to stay in my home now?

The safety of our residents is our highest duty of care. If we felt it was unsafe for you to be in the property, we would have immediately rehoused everyone.  Due to the very low risk and the safety precautions we have adopted, we believe it is unnecessary to leave your home immediately. However, Tangmere residents must leave by the end of October when the gas supply to the block will be switched off.

22. Where can I find out more information?

You can speak to a member of the dedicated liaison team by calling 0800 953 0221

You can visit them as per your appointment time on they will be based in our neighbourhood office at 108 Gloucester Road

You can visit our website


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