Broadwater Farm

Broadwater Farm is a vibrant estate next to Lordship Recreation Ground in Tottenham and is home to a strong and passionate community. Broadwater Farm is also home to Broadwaters Inclusive Learning Community, Willow Primary School, Broadwater Farm Health Centre and the Broadwater Farm Community Centre.

A structural review of the estate took place between 2017 and 2018 to test whether the estate met the requirements for large panel system buildings. The review concluded that medium-rise blocks did not meet the required standard to use a gas supply and would require strengthening work to the flank walls on the wing blocks. Tangmere and Northolt failed all required tests and a decision was made to demolish the Tangmere and Northolt blocks and build new homes on the estate.

We have a dedicated website with more about the programme of improvement work being undertaken at Broadwater Farm (BWF). It also gives an overview of what services and activities are available to the Broadwater Farm residents and the residents living in the surrounding areas.

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7 June 2021