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Broadwater Farm

Update February 2018

On the 12th February 2018, Homes for Haringey started visiting residents in Tangmere block to explain safety measures being taken in the building. It follows findings from structural engineers that Tangmere does not meet the current required standards to use gas.

Following national advice given by the Department for Communities and Local Government earlier this summer, we began investigations into the construction of the estate, which was built in the 1960s and early 1970s. Reviews from structural engineers now suggest that Tangmere does not meet the required standards to use gas, and although the risk is very low, we are taking a number of precautionary steps to enable residents to stay in their homes.

In Tangmere, there are 91council properties with gas cookers and 25 leaseholder flats that may use them too. From Monday 12th February 2018 Homes for Haringey will be replacing all gas cookers in council properties with electric cookers. The same support will be offered to Leaseholders. The team will be working as quickly as possible, depending on staff gaining access to properties. As a precaution, they will also be fitting disrupter valves to switch off the gas if a leak is detected and increasing the frequency of gas safety visits. A gas safety check will be carried out for free in each leased home. There are also plans to replace the gas system temporarily until permanent measures can be put in place.

Homes for Haringey staff will be on the Broadwater Farm estate visiting all potentially affected properties to speak to residents. We will also have a dedicated phone-line for residents 0800 953 0221 and residents can visit the Neighbourhood Office between 9am and 5pm. The on-site concierge is open between 10am and 10pm.

In terms of permanent measures, Homes for Haringey are currently undertaking an option appraisal and options will include:

  • The upgrade of each block to allow for all cooking, hot water and heating services to be electricThe installation of a new district heating system on the estate, upgrading the existing plant and services which are already onsite and which already service the two tower blocks on the estateThe retrospective strengthening of the blocks to allow for the continued use of gas within the estate

Once the option appraisal has been concluded, Homes for Haringey and Haringey Council will engage with residents before a decision is made.

Affected residents can visit the Broadwater Farm Neighbourhood Office or call the dedicated Homes for Haringey line 0800 953 0221

Previous Work

In December Homes for Haringey took the same measures in other low-rise blocks on Broadwater Farm, based on structural engineers’ reports. The blocks were Croydon, Hawkinge, Hornchurch, Lympne, Manston, Martlesham, Rochford, Debden and Stapleford. In terms of permanent measures, Homes for Haringey is currently undertaking an option appraisal and will provide an update in a few weeks.

The two tower blocks on the estate, Northolt and Kenley, do not have gas supplies. As a precaution, structural surveyors are also reviewing these blocks and we will have the results soon.



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