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Fire Risk Assessment FAQs

How do I request a Fire Risk Assessment for my block?
Homes for Haringey manage over 1600 fire risk assessments. If you would like a copy of the most recent fire risk assessment which relates to your property or if you have any specific fire risk assessment enquiries complete this online form > 

Why is there more than one fire risk assessment for my block?
The fire risk assessment is based upon the number of exit routes or entrances to a building, therefore some buildings may have more than one fire risk assessment.

When do issues raised in fire risk assessments get completed?
Issues raised in fire risk assessments are prioritised and completed according to their priority. An issue might be addressed immediately or in several months dependent upon what is found and the circumstances of an individual building. For example, it may be necessary schedule work into the next refurbishment programme.

The fire risk assessment lists hazards in the hallway that have been removed. Should it be updated?
Fire risk assessments provide an overview of any potential fire safety issues in a building, but they by no means provide a complete picture as to whether a building is safe or not.

Like a car's MOT, fire risk assessments provide a snapshot of what was found at the time of inspection and can't take into account changes to things like obstructions or breakages in-between assessments.

Not all of the actions listed in the fire risk assessment for my block have been completed. Why not?
All urgent repairs should be completed as quickly as is possible. Other works may take longer and be completed at the same time as other works to minimise disruption to residents. If you have concerns about outstanding actions, please contact or call us on 020 8489 5611.

What is my fire evacuation plan?
The fire risk assessment will determine the most suitable fire evacuation strategy based on the type of property. For more information read our fire safety fact sheet >

What is the ‘clear communal area’ policy?
We have taken the decision to enforce a ‘clear communal areas’ policy in our blocks to minimise risk and keep residents safe. Residents are not allowed to store dangerous or excessive items in the corridors and communal areas.

What can I do to help fire fighters respond to 999 calls?
If you own a vehicle, please consider where you park on your estate

  • avoid parking close to estate fire gates, entrances and exits

  • leave enough space for larger vehicles to pass your vehicle

  • park within parking bay markings and in a straight line

  • park as close to the curb as possible

  • never park over a fire hydrant - look out for an 'H' with a yellow background

  • never park in front of a dry riser - look out for a red box next to an estate block entrance which says 'Dry riser'

What can I do to keep my building safe?

If you have concerns about fire safety in your estate, or if you see anything that may pose a fire risk such as rubbish in corridors or bad parking, please contact us via email, use the app or call 020 8489 5611.


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3 August 2018