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Right to buy

What is the 'Right to Buy'?

If you are a council tenant you may have the right to buy your council home at a price lower than the market value as part of the Right to Buy scheme. We manage the Right to Buy scheme in Haringey on behalf of Haringey Council.

If you qualify for the right to buy, you can buy your home jointly with up to three family members who have lived in your council home for at least 12 months. Family members can only buy your council home if you want to buy it with them.

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What type of property can’t be bought under the Right to Buy?

The following properties are not included in the Right to Buy scheme:

  • Temporary accommodation

  • Properties that are particularly suitable for elderly people

  • Sheltered housing for older people, disabled people or people suffering from mental ill-health

  • Properties the council only owns the lease to but not the freehold, and where there are not enough years left on the lease (fewer than 21 years for a house and fewer than 50 years for a flat or maisonette)

  • Properties due to be demolished - in this case, the council may suspend your right to buy by sending you an initial demolition notice, or end your right to buy by sending you a final demolition notice.

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Page Last Updated:

9 July 2019