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Renting a garage

Apply to rent a garageRent a garage

> Put your details on our garages waiting list. Our well-priced garages become available frequently and we'll let you know as soon as one is free in your preferred area.


If you need somewhere to keep your car or van, you may be able to rent a garage near you. 

When we allocate garages, priority goes to council tenants and leaseholders living on the estate. If there is no tenant or leaseholder on the list, we will offer the vacancy to the next person on the list.

To rent a garage, simply put your name on our garage waiting list by filling in the garage waiting list online form now. Alternatively you can call Customer Services on 020 8489 5611 or email They will send you a form which you can fill in and post back to us.

When you sign the tenancy agreement for the garage, you will be asked to produce a valid vehicle registration number and proof of identity. You will also be asked to pay a month’s rent in advance and take out a Direct Debit to pay the rent in future.

Garage measurements

Most garages are designed for a standard car and measure 4.88m x 2.44m (16’x8’), but a few are larger, and can accommodate a van. Rents are based on size and facilities, such as internal lighting.

Points to consider

  • You can only rent a garage for a motor vehicle, not for other purposes such as storage 
  • You must not store materials that catch fire easily in a garage 
  • You cannot keep petrol or gas bottles in a garage.

Garage rent

We offer a range of different garages throughout the borough. Rents for our garages vary depending on their size and location. Weekly rents range from £11.00 - £17.40 plus VAT per week, with the average rent being £15.70 plus VAT per week.

The rent paid by customers can also vary based on your circumstances, please see the table below for details:


Charge for customers first garage

Charge for each additional garage

Council tenant or leaseholder (Over state pension age or registered disabled)

Reduced rent no VAT

Market rent plus VAT

Council tenant or leaseholder

Market rent no VAT

Market rent plus VAT

Haringey resident (Over state pension age or registered disabled)

Reduced rent plus VAT

Market rent plus VAT

Private renter

Market rent plus VAT

Market rent plus VAT

Reduced garage rent

Please note that if you live in Haringey and are either over the state pension age or registered disabled you may be eligible for a special concessionary rent rate. Our concessionary rent is currently £10.65 plus VAT per week.


Contacts and application

To find out more, please contact our Customer Contact Centre on 020 8489 5611. Fill in the garage waiting list online form now.

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12 July 2018