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Paying your rent

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Paying your rent

As a rule, your rent and other charges must be paid every week, one week in advance, unless you have an agreement to pay monthly. You can pay your rent in a number of different ways.

Direct debit

Paying your rent by Direct Debit is easy and convenient. If you sign to pay your rent by Direct Debit we make a one-off payment of £10 into your rent account. Paying by Direct Debit has many advantages:

  • You don’t have to remember to pay every month.
  • You don’t have to worry about overlooking a payment if you are ill or on holiday.
  • Your payment will be automatically recalculated if anything changes in your account. For example, if your housing benefit entitlement changes, you will be informed 14 days before anything changes.
  • We will update your Direct Debit every year and let you know if anything changes.

If you are a new tenant you will receive a Direct Debit mandate form when you sign up for your tenancy.

If you are already a tenant, you can either get a Direct Debit form from your local Customer Services Centre or you can click the link below to print one off now. We will calculate your monthly rent instalments, request payment from your bank or building society, and tell you the amount in advance.

Download our  Direct Debit form for full details (pdf). The leaflet includes a direct debit form for you to complete and return to us.

We wrote in March to every tenant to tell them about their new rent amounts from April this year. Find out what this means if you already pay your rent by Direct Debit.



Debit or credit card

Please note we don't accept American Express. There is no charge to pay by direct debit or credit card.

Housing rent and charges card

When you sign a tenancy agreement with us, you will automatically receive a housing rent and charges card. This is an easy and safe way for you to pay your rent, or for a carer, relative or friend to do it for you.

You can use the card at any outlets displaying the Paypoint logo Pay Point logo or at the post office.  Post office logo

Download our Housing Rent and Charges Card leaflet (pdf).

If your card is lost, damaged or stolen, please contact our Rent Accounts team on 020 8489 5611.

Pay your rent by text

Register online at to get your password.

Text the word ‘pay’, the amount of rent or service charge you want to pay, and your password to 81025.

Other ways to pay

Standing order

You can request to pay by standing order by contacting our Rent Accounts team on 020 8489 5611. Please note, however, that Direct Debit is a better way to pay than by standing order because payments will be for the right amount, and your bank guarantees to refund any incorrect payments.

By deduction from your wages or salary

If you are a council tenant and you work for Haringey Council or Homes for Haringey, you can have your rent deducted from your wages and paid directly to Homes for Haringey. If you would like to do this, please contact our Income Collection team on 020 8489 5611 or email them at:

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22 April 2021