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Insuring your home

As a tenant, your furniture and personal belongings are not insured against theft or damage. This means that if your possessions are destroyed by fire, for example, you will not be compensated for your loss unless you have household contents insurance.

To insure the contents of your home, you can use any insurance company you choose. However, if you live on a large estate it can be hard to get contents insurance. To help, we have a special household contents insurance scheme for all our tenants and leaseholders (not just those living on estates). The scheme is run by Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance plc and is only available to Haringey Council/Homes for Haringey tenants or leaseholders.  Claims are made through the Council’s insurance section.

  • For more information about Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance please visit their website at: 
  • For a copy of their insurance booklet and application form, please contact Haringey Council's Insurance team on 020 8489 3812 or email them at:

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Making an insurance claim

If you believe that Homes for Haringey has caused damage to you or to your personal belongings, you can make an insurance claim against them.

For example: if a Homes for Haringey worker comes to your house to mend a pipe and ruins your carpet in the process, we might be responsible for replacing that carpet. For a claim to be successful, negligence must be proved against Homes for Haringey.

If you would like to make a claim against Homes for Haringey, please send a letter to Haringey Council’s Risk and Insurance team (who deal with insurance claims on behalf of Homes for Haringey Ltd) using the contact details below. You will need to tell them:

  • the nature of the claim
  • the reason why you are making the claim. 

The team will contact you directly if they need any more information.

Haringey Council
Risk and Insurance team
5th Floor
Alexandra House
10 Station Road
Wood Green
N22 7TR

Tel: 020 8489 3610 or 3812

Fax: 020 8489 3846

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