Chargeable repairs

There are some repairs which have always been the responsibility of the tenant. If you ask for a repair that is within this category then we may be able to carry it out for you, but we will need to charge for it. We will tell you how much the repair will cost, you can decide to accept the charge or seek assistance from another repairs service. You will be asked to pay for the repair before the work is done.

If damage occurs to you property that you were not responsible for, the Haringey Repair Service will attend to your repair, but may, on inspection, be obliged to charge where damage was avoidable, for example. Similarly, the tenant can decide to ask Homes for Haringey, or another repairs service, to carry out the work - but this work must be done to keep your property in good condition.

If you choose not to instruct us to do work for you, you can hire a qualified contractor to do the work or you can do it yourself - but it must be done to an acceptable standard.

To pay in advance for any repair work and book an appointment, contact our Customer Services Centre on 020 8489 5611. You can pay by debit or credit card; we are unable to accept cash.

Page Last Updated:

16 March 2021