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Noel Park Pods

Noel Park – Major Works Programme


Haringey Council and Homes for Haringey are carrying out an ambitious Major Works programme to council owned properties and residential buildings throughout the borough. This is aimed at bringing all housing up to the Decent Homes Standard as every resident deserves a home that is warm, safe and secure.

The Noel Park estate has been included as part of the programme, with a schedule of works aimed at making significant improvements to council tenant flats and their blocks, which also contain homes owned by leaseholders. There are 1,183 dwellings in the Noel Park estate area, with 181 of these owned by leaseholders. An overall budget of £21m has been allocated to the next phase of the programme.

Works being planned or already completed as part of the programme include:

  • Repairs and improvements to the buildings including potentially new doors, windows, roofs and wiring
  • Council tenant flats will receive new bathrooms and kitchens
  • Included in the programme are 243 properties that have a rear bathroom extension, erected in the 1970s, known as a pod. The pods are now well beyond their useful life and will be replaced as part of the programme.

Improving homes: The first three phases of the Noel Park Major Works Programme

In 2015 Homes for Haringey began work on this programme. Three phases have been completed to date:

  • Phase One: A range of internal and external repairs and improvements to homes on the estate. Repairs and improvements included new windows, doors, roofs, kitchens, bathrooms, central heating systems and rewiring. This work was completed in December 2016
  • Phase Two: This included other external works only, started in October 2016 and completed in July 2017
  • Phase Three: This began in August 2017 and included all outstanding internal and external works, which completed in July 2019.

The final stage of the Major Works Programme

The final stage of the programme is now being planned and will include those properties requiring the replacement of the bathroom extensions. In terms of the properties that will form part of this phase of the works:

  • 243 properties with the current “pods”, of which 167 are council tenant properties.
  • 76 leaseholder properties that will be affected by this stage of the works. Of these, 37 are resident leaseholders and 39 non-resident leaseholders.
  • Of the 76 leaseholders, 30 live in a building that they share with another leaseholder and 46 live in a property shared with a council tenant property.
  • 6 of the leaseholders live in flats that do not currently have pods.

This stage of the programme will be split into two distinct phases:

  • Phase One will be made up of 47 tenanted dwellings in Farrant Avenue, Morley Avenue, Moselle Avenue and 70 purpose-built flats comprising tenants only on Gladstone Avenue.
  • Phase Two will include 126 purposed built dwellings on Gladstone Avenue which are occupied by both tenants and leaseholders.

The decision to split the work into two phases will allow Homes for Haringey to start on buildings which are solely occupied by tenants, allowing for more time to be spent on engaging with leaseholders about how we move this important project forward on their properties.

Leaseholder contributions and engagement

As is standard on all major works projects, leaseholders are being asked to contribute to the cost of the works on the Noel Park estate which is being conducted on the buildings where Haringey Council is the freeholder. The cost of improving council tenant properties is not included in this contribution: this is funded in its entirety by the council. Leaseholders obligations to pay for these works are laid out in their lease.

Homes for Haringey acknowledges that the estimated costs for the works on the final phase of the Noel Park estate programme are in some cases very high. This is part caused by the complexity and scale of the work required to replace the bathroom extensions which are now well beyond their useful life and are suffering from increasing numbers of defects.

Homes for Haringey and the council have acknowledged that the communications which accompanied notices to leaseholders about the estimated bills for the works (the legally required “Section 20 notices”) were flawed and inadequate, and it has apologised to leaseholders for these mistakes. A lesson learnt exercise has already been held, and the council will ensure that Homes for Haringey learns from the mistakes made during the Section 20 process as the programme moves into the construction phase of the project.

To improve the service offered to leaseholders in the Noel Park area, Homes for Haringey and the council have:

  • Enhanced engagement: The council has committed to ensuring that leaseholders are informed at every stage of the process moving forward, including direct engagement on individual properties. The decision to split the work into two phases will allow the Council to start on buildings which are solely tenanted, allowing for more time to be spent on engaging with leaseholders about how we move this important project forward.
  • Additional information/frequently asked questions: Homes for Haringey have produced a Frequently Asked Questions document (updated in August 2021) answering queries from leaseholders about the project.
  • Enhanced payment options: Haringey Council’s Cabinet approved a new set of payment arrangements in July 2021.  For details, please contact the Leasehold Services team at

Further information

If you are a leaseholder and require more information about your individual circumstances, please contact the Leasehold Services Team at on 020 8489 5611 (available Monday to Friday 8.45am-5pm) to discuss individual circumstances.

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20 August 2021