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Your lease

About your lease

A lease is a legal agreement between you (the leaseholder) and the landlord (the Council). Haringey Council usually owns the land and the building in which your property is situated. Homes for Haringey manages the day to day services and carries out work where necessary. The lease is the main document which sets out the responsibilities of both the landlord and the leaseholder.

There are three main types of lease, depending on when you bought the property. These are:

  • leases relating to properties sold before 1 April 1990
  • leases relating to properties sold since 1 April 1990
  • leases relating to properties sold since April 2013.

The main differences between the first two leases are the formulas for calculating the service charges, and your liability for the cost of improvement work. The leases from April 2013 include provisions for a sinking fund and a flat management fee.

The lease also:

  • Defines your property and the building/estate it forms part of
  • Allows you to occupy the flat for a fixed number of years
  • Places certain conditions on its use & occupation
  • Requires us to manage and maintain the outside of the building, the structure and communal areas
  • Requires you to pay a share of our costs in providing services and carrying out work to the building your flat is in and the grounds and estate around it (‘service charges’)
  • Makes you responsible for the internal decoration and repair of your flat.

You can request a copy of your lease from your mortgage lender, solicitor or the Council’s Legal Department. There is a charge of £25 for this service. However you can download a copy of the standard lease document from this website.

As a leaseholder, it is very important to know what you are responsible for, as well as what Homes for Haringey (acting for the landlord) are responsible for.

You can also download a copy of our Plain English Guide to your Lease. This explains the council’s standard lease in everyday English. In some parts, the standard lease will differ from yours. Where this occurs, we explain the differences. There is a lot of law that covers leasehold matters but we don’t refer to it in the Plain English Guide to your lease.

Additional regulations

Under Clause 4(4) and the Fifth Schedule, Regulation 7 of your lease, the council has made a number of restrictions and regulations which apply to all leaseholders regardless of whether they are included in their lease.

Download the New Lease Regulations (pdf) for full details


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14 January 2021