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Major works invoices

About major works invoices

Billing for major works is similar to how we bill for service charges. You will get an invoice from us for the project costs of the major works. You must let us know within 21 days of receiving this invoice, how you intend to pay.

Once the works are complete and we have finalised the accounts, we will send a final invoice for any outstanding amount. Again, you must let us know within 21 days of receiving the final invoice how you intend to pay (unless your account is in credit).

You must either pay in full within 21 days or set up a payment arrangement by direct debit within six weeks. We will give you a 5% discount on the amount payable, if you decide to pay the full amount (which would have to be paid within six weeks).

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Interest-free and combination loans

You can pay by monthly instalments; the number of months that you can pay depends on the size of your invoice:


Interest-free monthly instalments

Additional instalments with interest at 7.5%

Total monthly instalments

£250 - £600

12 months (1 year)


12 months (1 year)

£601 - £1,799

24 months (2 years)


24 months (2 years)

£1,800 - £4,999

36 months (3 years)


36 months (3 years)

£5,000 - £9,999

48 months (4 years)

12 months

60 months (5 years)

£10,000 - £14,999

60 months (5 years)

24 months

84 months (7 years)

£15,000 and over

72 months (6 years)

24 months

96 months (8 years)

£20,000 - £29,000

84 months (7 years)

24 months

108 months (9 years)

£30,000 and above

96 months (8 years)

24 months

120 months (10 years)

Please note the following:

  • For any of these loans, there is an administration fee of £25 for each year of the loan.

  • If you are renting out your leasehold property, then the longest you can have to repay your loan is 36 months.

  • If your invoice is over £10,000, you must agree to have a charge placed on your property to secure the loan. There is a legal fee of £200 plus a set up charge of £100 for securing the loan. A fee of £200 applies for removing the charge.

  • If you want an interest-free loan for longer than six years, you must show you have been turned down by at least two high-street lenders.

Please download the relevant loan application form to apply:

  1. Download and complete Interest free application form (pdf) if you live in the leasehold property (that is you are not subletting it).
  2. Download and complete Interest free subletting application form (pdf) if you are subletting the leasehold property.
  3. Download and complete Over 10k application form (pdf) if you are applying for a loan over £10,000.

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Payment options for owner occupiers only

An owner occupier is a leaseholder who lives in their property and does not rent it out.

Payment options

Main conditions

Discretionary loan from the Council (secured on the property)

  • You must apply within 2 weeks – means test required
  • You must have been turned down by at least 2 lenders

Discretionary loan (interest 2% above the Base Rate):

Amount of invoice / amount borrowed
less than £1,500 / 3 years
£1,500 to £4,999 / 5 years
£5,000 or more / 10 years

Help from the DWP if on Income Support:

Pension credit

You will probably qualify for help from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) with your invoice for Decent Homes work or other major works if you receive any of the benefits below (you must apply to the DWP within 4 weeks):

  • Income support
  • Income-based Job Seeker's Allowance (JSA)
  • Income-based Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Pension credit (for leaseholders over 60)

Please note that if you are on a low income and you receive large bill you may be come entitled to help from the DWP.

Income support for interest-only loan

  • You must apply to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) within four weeks
  • You must already be in receipt of benefits
  • The DWP will usually pay invoices for Decent Homes work or other major works for people receiving benefit
  • The DWP will consider paying the interest on interest only loans for major works.

Debt and loans advice

For people with financial problems or help with the DWP:

  • Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Haringey Families Support Service via Family Mosaic Housing, a new service to assist families in the borough facing financial difficulties
  • You must contact us as soon as possible to discuss options
  • National Debtline – Freephone: 0808 808 4000.

Deferred payment loans

  • You must apply to us within 2 weeks – means test required.
  • Unable to pay by any other way and no other property or savings
  • Enough value in your property to cover the loan and compound interest
  • Secured by a charge on your property.


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6 October 2016