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This section contains information for leaseholders and prospective leaseholders about one of the biggest financial and legal responsibilities of a leaseholder – the service charge.

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A service charge is a payment you make towards the costs of services and necessary work carried out to the building and estate. As the freeholder, the council is responsible for maintaining the structure of the whole building and the communal areas. The costs incurred by us are passed back to you on a proportional basis through the service charge. Service charges are split fairly between all the flats in the block as set out below. The council pays the proportion relating to the rent-paying tenants, which is then recharged to them through the rent they pay. It is important to note that the cost of the service to tenants is not subsidised in any way by leaseholders.

The charges are split into two parts:

Annual service charge

The annual service charges cover day-to-day services, ground rent and routine repairs and maintenance to your block and estate.

The charge is estimated annually and an invoice for the estimated cost is sent to leaseholders in February each year. By the end of September each year you will receive a letter detailing how much the actual cost was and the difference between this sum and the estimated sum. For more information on the billing cycle please read our frequently asked questions about service charges.

Major work and outside (external) decoration

Major works are the major repairs, replacement and/or improvement works that the Council carries out to its housing stock. The works are often large projects designed to maintain our properties to a good standard and improve the condition of your block or estate. There will be one-off bills when these types of works are carried out.

Having such a financial responsibility naturally raises a number of questions, for example:

  • What services do I pay for?

  • How is my charge calculated?

  • How many times a year will I be billed?

  • What if I’m not receiving a service I’m paying for?

  • What if I can’t pay?

All these questions and many more are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section and further information on Major Works can be found in our repairs and major works section.

Paying your service charge

Under the terms of your lease you have to contribute to the cost of looking after your building and estate. Your lease says that you must pay service charges quarterly in advance, however, to make it easier for you to budget we also offer other ways to pay.


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28 August 2018