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Resident engagement strategy

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We worked with residents, resident groups, volunteers, staff, partners and our Board to develop our Community and Resident Engagement Strategy to ensure that it meets the needs and aspirations of our communities.

The strategy covers:

  • More engagement choices and timely dialogue with a wider range of residents – using additional routes – including digital methods – so more residents can tell us what they think, in more ways, more of the time
  • Making the most of our residents’ skills and potential - developing residents skills and knowledge so they can be more effective in their communities and in their working lives
  • Making the most of our resources – working with partners to help residents maximise their income, avoid service overlaps and duplication, and get the best value from our staff and financial resources
  • Support for residents and their groups – helping our groups access information, advice, practical and financial support
  • Embed resident engagement as part of our core business – resident engagement is everyone’s job and the expert team works with all parts of the business to make sure feedback is embraced and included in day to day activities and in relevant service reviews
  • Monitoring and measuring success of the strategy – making sure we capture information on what is achieved and who is involved in our successes, and making sure residents can test and see the impact their involvement has had.
  • Resource implications – introducing and ensuring best use of modern technologies to reach more people more effectively – so we can do more, for less
  • Equality and diversity – checking we know who is accessing our services and getting involved, so we can target more involvement from those groups and communities who are less well represented at present. We will review progress regularly so we can adapt to changing situations as time goes by.

Different ways to communicate

Some of our structures for engaging residents were set up nearly eleven years ago, and the public services sector has changed significantly since then. Our strategy embraces the flexibility offered by digital communications (email, social media, text messaging and smart phone applications) and relies less on traditional meeting-based approaches, so we can engage with more residents and hear more of your views, more of the time to help shape the services we provide to Haringey Council tenants and leaseholders.

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1 October 2019