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Resident Scrutiny Panel

Scrutinising our services is all about making sure we provide excellent services that meet the standards we've set out. Our Resident Scrutiny Panel brings together residents from across the borough to check and challenge how we operate. Content on this page is managed by the residents who are members of the Resident Scrutiny Panel.

How does the Resident Scrutiny Panel work?

Resident Scrutiny Panel members choose the service areas they want to look into. We provide Panel members with the necessary training and information. The Panel then talks to staff, other residents and service partners, and reviews all relevant information to make recommendations for improving the service. Feedback from the Scrutiny Panel goes to our Board of Directors and Leadership Team who in turn have a duty to respond. The Resident Scrutiny Panel can also get involved in helping us draw up plans for implementing service improvements.

Here are the main facts about the Resident Scrutiny Panel:

  1. It's completely independent.
  2. It's entirely resident-led.
  3. It holds Homes for Haringey to account to its residents.
  4. Resident Scrutiny Panel members are trained to carry out reviews.
  5. The Panel is supported by an executive scrutiny champion
  6. The Resident Scrutiny Panel is supported by independent consultant Oonah Lacey.

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Resident Scrutiny Panel members

Anne Gibson, Chair of the Scrutiny Panel

I have lived in my flat for 38 years, 12 of which were as a tenant and 26 as a leaseholder. I used to attend various HfH panel meetings – asset management, repairs and leasehold (the last one still meets). I am now semi-retired, having worked as an accountant for the last 30 years. I believe that it is possible to use the knowledge that I gleaned from attending the panel meetings and the skills that I developed through my work, to help with the work of the scrutiny panel.

Viv Sharma, Vice Chair of the Scrutiny Panel

A Wood Green resident, I am Vice Chair of the Scrutiny Panel and also Vice Chair for another organisation working with vulnerable members of society within Haringey Council including as the Chair for a Residents' Association. I also provide digital training for Homes for Haringey. I work in various different roles within the voluntary sector which deal with issues and concerns that are being faced by the elderly and disabled people."

"Being on the Scrutiny Panel since 2013, I've managed to get further training and was awarded a CIH in Community Action in Housing (QCF). We have as a Panel been able to make a difference in terms of coming up with more innovative solutions to some of the challenges that were being faced by Homes for Haringey. We've managed to think outside the box and have made improvements overall for both the employees and the recipients of the services being provided. We will continue to work the way we have been, especially now that Homes for Haringey has been given another 10 years as an ALMO, as there will be more changes and efficiencies which are now most needed because of our current financial pressures

 RSP Ceaser Lalobo

Caesar Lalobo

Homes for Haringey was set up as an Arm’s Length Management Organisation (ALMO) to carry out housing services on behalf of Haringey Council. A number of panels such as Repairs, Complaints and Scrutiny were established to provide residents with an opportunity to help oversee the delivery of ALMO services.

I joined the Resident Scrutiny Panel at its inception to help hold Homes for Haringey to account in its delivery of housing services and that the voices of tenants and leaseholders were heard and represented. During my time at the Scrutiny Panel we carried out a number of reviews into various services. I had to step down from the panel for health reasons but I was pleased to re-join the Resident Scrutiny Panel in 2018. It’s great to be back! I am also one of the repairs scrutiny monitors which is an excellent opportunity to work with the service to make sure improvement suggestions we make are implemented. Scrutiny offers so many opportunities to learn new things and meet interesting dedicated residents and officers. Together we can, and do, make a difference.

Bridget Lane

I have been a Resident Scrutiny Panel member for a year now. I joined the panel after I received an email about the recruitment opportunity and then successfully completed the recruitment and induction process. I have enjoyed my time on the panel and have learned so much about Homes for Haringey and Haringey Council, in particular how services are delivered, and the challenges that they face to get things right for us all. Hopefully the work that we do on the Resident Scrutiny Panel will contribute to the wellbeing of those that live in the borough, while at the same time provide useful feedback to the Board of Directors and the Leadership team. It is a great way to meet people, learn new skills and make a difference.

Lucy Madigan

I joined the scrutiny panel in January 2017 with the aim of getting more involved in my local community, and helping to improve the services for Homes for Haringey Residents. I work full time and I was initially worried that this would make it difficult to commit to the panel. It quickly became clear that this would not be a problem.  There are many ways to contribute to the panel, which makes it easy to combine it with commitments like work. The panel are supportive and understand that sometimes these commitments take priority. I like the variety of things we do in the panel – interviews; mystery shopping; surveys; analysing data; reading strategic documents. It really opens your eyes to all the things that are going on and how we can make things better for the residents.

 RSP Sagal Kullane

Sagal Kullane

As a Haringey resident I joined the Resident Scrutiny Panel to have a better understanding of how services are delivered by Homes for Haringey as our service provider.

Our role is to help improve services for tenants and leaseholders and we do this through using a number of reality checking activities to understand the effectiveness and impact of services. We also review and monitor performance against set targets to identify areas where service delivery could be enhanced and then put forward recommendations for the service to consider. This is the exciting part when we collate all our findings and complete our report for the Executive Directors

Being part of the Resident Scrutiny Panel includes working with local residents to gather their feedback and understand their customer experience and we do this through holding focus groups, interviews and carrying out surveys, This is critical to ensure that we fully understand what is working well and identify where changes may be required to ensure you receive the quality services that you deserve.

Being involved is an excellent way to gain new skills and knowledge through our training and of course a great way to meet new people. I am proud of what we achieve together and the respect and support we get from residents, staff and Councillors for our work makes all the hard work worthwhile. I work full time but being part of this great team is rewarding and a great way to make a difference and support our community.

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Benefits of being part of the Resident Scrutiny Panel

  • You get a real opportunity to influence our services
  • You gain an in-depth insight into our work as a social housing provider
  • You will get training and development opportunities on the way
  • You will learn new skills and meet new people
  • We pay out of pocket expenses including travel and can help with childcare and carer costs.
  • Any resident who is either a council tenant or leaseholder with the Council can apply to join. We expect prospective members to have the following skills:
  • Be able to communicate effectively and share ideas
  • Willingness to learn and participate in training
  • Ability to weigh up issues, challenge constructively and make balanced and judgements seeking consensus and accepting compromise where appropriate
  • Abilities to plan activities, review progress and monitor performance
  • Accountability to scrutiny process

Download the Resident Scrutiny Panel fact sheet (pdf)

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Reports by the Resident Scrutiny Panel

The Panel has already carried out a number of reviews on different services run by Homes for Haringey and the individual reports give you the full details:

Report title

Publication month


Summary - RSP Responsive Repairs Report (pdf)July 2018

Review of Management and Resident Experience of Responsive Repairs Summary Report

Summary - RSP Review Sheltered and Supported Housing (pdf)

June 2017

Review of Management and Delivery of Sheltered and Supported Housing - Summary Report

Estate Inspections Scrutiny Report (pdf)

October 2016

Shaping estate inspections for consideration by residents and the estate services team

Summary Report RSP Review Complaints (pdf)

June 2016

Review of Management and Delivery of Complaints Service - Summary Report

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For more information about the Panel, please email the Panel directly at or call our Chair, Anne Gibson on 07976747243

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