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Resident Scrutiny Panel

Scrutinising our services is all about making sure we provide excellent services that meet the standards we've set out. Our Resident Scrutiny Panel brings together residents from across the borough to check and challenge how we operate. Content on this page is managed by the residents who are members of the Resident Scrutiny Panel.

How does the Resident Scrutiny Panel work?

Resident Scrutiny Panel members choose the service areas they want to look into. We provide Panel members with the necessary training and information. The Panel then talks to staff, other residents and service partners, and reviews all relevant information to make recommendations for improving the service. Feedback from the Scrutiny Panel goes to our Board of Directors and Leadership Team who in turn have a duty to respond. The Resident Scrutiny Panel can also get involved in helping us draw up plans for implementing service improvements.

Here are the main facts about the Resident Scrutiny Panel:

  1. It's completely independent.
  2. It's entirely resident-led.
  3. It holds Homes for Haringey to account to its residents.
  4. Resident Scrutiny Panel members are trained to carry out reviews.
  5. The Panel is supported by an executive scrutiny champion
  6. The Resident Scrutiny Panel is supported by independent consultant Oonah Lacey.

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Resident Scrutiny Panel members

rsp_committee_member_Viv SharmaViv Sharma, Vice Chair of the Scrutiny Panel

A Wood Green resident, I am Vice Chair of the Scrutiny Panel and also Vice Chair for another organisation working with vulnerable members of society within Haringey Council including as the Chair for a Residents' Association. I also provide digital training for Homes for Haringey. I work in various different roles within the voluntary sector which deal with issues and concerns that are being faced by the elderly and disabled people."

"Being on the Scrutiny Panel since 2013, I've managed to get further training and was awarded a CIH in Community Action in Housing (QCF). We have as a Panel been able to make a difference in terms of coming up with more innovative solutions to some of the challenges that were being faced by Homes for Haringey. We've managed to think outside the box and have made improvements overall for both the employees and the recipients of the services being provided. We will continue to work the way we have been, especially now that Homes for Haringey has been given another 10 years as an ALMO, as there will be more changes and efficiencies which are now most needed because of our current financial pressures

 RSP Ceaser LaloboCaesar Lalobo

Homes for Haringey was set up as an Arm’s Length Management Organisation (ALMO) to carry out housing services on behalf of Haringey Council. A number of panels such as Repairs, Complaints and Scrutiny were established to provide residents with an opportunity to help oversee the delivery of ALMO services.
I joined the Resident Scrutiny Panel at its inception to help hold Homes for Haringey to account in its delivery of housing services and that the voices of tenants and leaseholders were heard and represented.

During my time at the Scrutiny Panel we carried out a number of reviews into various services. I had to step down from the panel for health reasons but I was pleased to re-join the Resident Scrutiny Panel in 2018. It’s great to be back! I am also one of the repairs scrutiny monitors which is an excellent opportunity to work with the service to make sure improvement suggestions we make are implemented. Scrutiny offers so many opportunities to learn new things and meet interesting dedicated residents and officers. Together we can, and do, make a difference. 

rsp_committee_member_bridgette lane.jpgBridget Lane

I have been a Resident Scrutiny Panel member for a year now. I joined the panel after I received an email about the recruitment opportunity and then successfully completed the recruitment and induction process. I have enjoyed my time on the panel and have learned so much about Homes for Haringey and Haringey Council, in particular how services are delivered, and the challenges that they face to get things right for us all.

Hopefully the work that we do on the Resident Scrutiny Panel will contribute to the wellbeing of those that live in the borough, while at the same time provide useful feedback to the Board of Directors and the Leadership team. It is a great way to meet people, learn new skills and make a difference.

 rsp_committee_member_saray_dola.jpgSaray Dola  

I have been a Haringey resident for 14 years. Since 2009 and until recently, I had been working as an OFSTED registered childminder and I have recently completed a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

I decided to join the Homes for Haringey Resident Scrutiny Panel because I want to help Homes for Haringey in their quest to increase customer satisfaction. I do appreciate the work that Haringey has done in providing accommodation for me and I appreciate the fact that they are seeking ways of improving their service. I also have a passion for social justice and the welfare of society. This opportunity will allow me to use my new learnt skills and also work closely with an organisation that looks after the welfare of people.

 rsp_committee_member_mark_conteh.jpgMark Conteh

I have lived in Haringey for about 19 years and I have achieved a lot with help of the community and the Council. I decided to join the Resident Scrutiny Panel because I felt that this was one of the ways to give back to the community that shaped me into who I am today.

My background and training is in Accounting and Finance and I feel that as a member of this Panel, I would be able to make a contribution by advising the panel on finance and accounting issues. Haringey is my home and I am proud to be part of any initiative that seeks to improve service delivery. As a qualified accountant, I want use my skills to advise the panel on matters of efficiency and financial management.

I am one of the new members and I look forward to using my skills to make constructive contributions to make our estates a better place for residents. For me, being on the panel is one way of saying thank you to the community that has shaped my journey and my life. 

 rsp_committee_member_eric_brown.jpgEric Brown
I was born and educated in Tottenham I have lived my whole life within the boundary of the London Borough of Haringey. I am a qualified teacher, and taught Mathematics at a comprehensive school and by the time I retired, I was the faculty Head of Mathematics.
I have always been involved with sport and played Cricket and Badminton and since my retirement have worked in a voluntary capacity with Badminton England, England’s most popular racket sport. I have been a member of the Board of Directors of Badminton-England for over 20 years standing down at the end of last season.
10 years ago I acted as Chief Executive for 1 year. Subsequently I have become a vice president of the Association and I have chaired various boards and am active as a Referee.
As a director of a multi-million-pound company it was part of my role to scrutinise and challenge finance, management and policies. I am also a member of the Board of the Redbridge Sports and Leisure Centre. Having been a tenant and now leaseholder for over 50 years I feel that I have the desire, experience and skills to make a positive contribution to the Resident Scrutiny Panel.
 rsp_committee_member_miguel_davies.jpgMiguel Davis
As a local businessman in Haringey, it’s important that I am part of the community that has become my home. I live in the area and work in the area. I feel that it’s a privilege to be able to influence decisions that are made in order to ensure that services are the best.
I have lived here for the past 15 years with my family and we would want to see it become the best place to live. I was attracted to this voluntary role in order to identify with the community. I am happy to be part of the process that makes decisions on the services we get.
I get value for my business because its located in Haringey, therefore this borough is my home and it supports me. I want to give back some of my time and skills to make our home a better place for all.
 I work in direct marketing and printed media in and across the borough; and when the community succeeds, I too succeed! Therefore offering myself to be part of this effort is satisfying to me.

 rsp_committee_member_lydia_odelana.jpgLydia Odelana

My name is Mrs. Lydia Odelana. I came to England in 1961, studied catering and worked at the Leeds General Infirmary as a diet cook for some years before returning to Nigeria in 1970 with my two children. I returned in 1994 and have been living in Runcorn Close, Ferry Lane Estate since 1998.

I have attended most of the Courses run by Homes for Haringey Staff such as Assertiveness, Public Speaking, Chairing Meeting, Counselling, IT etc. I became a Digital Champion in 2017. 

I was a member of the Complaint Panel for some years and have now joined the Resident Scrutiny Panel so that I can share the knowledge that I have acquired over the years with other residents.

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Benefits of being part of the Resident Scrutiny Panel

  • You get a real opportunity to influence our services
  • You gain an in-depth insight into our work as a social housing provider
  • You will get training and development opportunities on the way
  • You will learn new skills and meet new people
  • We pay out of pocket expenses including travel and can help with childcare and carer costs.
  • Any resident who is either a council tenant or leaseholder with the Council can apply to join. We expect prospective members to have the following skills:
  • Be able to communicate effectively and share ideas
  • Willingness to learn and participate in training
  • Ability to weigh up issues, challenge constructively and make balanced and judgements seeking consensus and accepting compromise where appropriate
  • Abilities to plan activities, review progress and monitor performance
  • Accountability to scrutiny process

Download the Resident Scrutiny Panel fact sheet (pdf)

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Reports by the Resident Scrutiny Panel

The Panel has already carried out a number of reviews on different services run by Homes for Haringey and the individual reports give you the full details:

Report title

Publication month


RSP review of supported housing

RSP review of support housing data analysis

November 2020

A light touch review on the status of service improvements recorded for support housing.

RSP review of customer services and repairsAugust 2020A review of Haringey’s customer contact centre and how repairs to council homes are reported and managed.
RSP review of void managementDecember 2019 A review of Homes for Haringey’s management of empty (void) properties for re-letting
Summary - RSP Responsive Repairs Report (pdf)July 2018

Review of Management and Resident Experience of Responsive Repairs Summary Report

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