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Vision, Aims and Values


Homes for Haringey’s new vision and values were launched in Spring 2021, following a consultation process with residents, key stakeholders and staff.

The new vision has five ‘winning hand’ strands to it:

  • Putting Customers First: We understand our different customers’ needs and actively use this to shape our services and standards.
  • Quality Homes and Neighbourhoods: Residents feel safe in their homes and the quality of homes/accommodation should meet agreed standards.
  • Individual & Community Wellbeing: Residents can easily access advice and support that helps them to remain in their home, in ways that suit them. Residents should get support when faced with anti-social behaviour and they should feel their concerns have been addressed. Residents can get help and support when they face domestic abuse or when they face homelessness.
  • Great People: The heart of any company is in its people; therefore, Great People is an important part of our vision. Staff should feel they work in a healthy environment and that Homes for Haringey actively supports staff wellbeing.
  • Well-run Organisation: Diversity is valued, it supports inclusion, equality of opportunity and leads to better outcomes. The organisation will also promote engagement with key stakeholders as well as effectively manage risk and actively build our resilience.


Homes for Haringey has also adopted a set of values for our staff to adhere to:


  • Customer-centric
  • Aware
  • Responsive
  • Empathy


  • Bold
  • Reliable
  • Accountable
  • Value voice
  • Efficient

Illustrative image of Homes for Haringey's winning hands vision

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7 July 2021