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Vision, Aims and Values


‘Housing is about people and communities, not just bricks and mortar. This means mixed and inclusive neighbourhoods where residents can lead happy and fulfilling lives.’


Our strategic aims are directly aligned to the Council’s housing aims of improving help for those in housing crisis and driving up the quality of housing for all residents:

  • Work in partnership to prevent homelessness and help those in housing need

  • Provide excellent housing management services and improve life-chances for Haringey residents

  • Improve existing homes and increase the supply of high quality affordable housing


We serve a diverse community and are:

  • Business-like

    • Innovative, proactive and skilled at providing solutions

    • Competent, qualified and have all the professional, technical and personal qualities in place to do a good job 

    • Manage resources well

  • A trusted partner

    • Solid and dependable

    • Do everything we say we will do 

    • Look to the future

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20 September 2016