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Communicating and consulting with leaseholders

Improving our services to you - findings and actions from the HQN report

Your feedback has been clear that we need to improve our service to leaseholders. An independent review of our service by HQN (Housing Quality Network) has found that while a lot of excellent work is being done there is more we should be doing. We agree.

Below are some of the key findings and actions- many of which we are already working on and are well underway. The list below is not comprehensive and we will update this website regularly on progress.

Informing you, listening to you

The review found

As a result we will

We have a lot of useful information available on our website but it could be clearer and better maintained

Put more information on our website – and keep it relevant and concise

Review current published policies

Provide Right to Buy leaseholders with a package of relevant, concise guidance as part of an enhanced induction to home ownership

Publish a series of short videos on our website to explain our services and your responsibilities

We have got better at giving early notice of major works, but this still needs to improve

Publish longer term, three to five year indicative programmes on our website as soon as the implications of the new Housing Act are clear

Tell you what major works are expected on your estate in the next year

Give more notice, wherever practical, of smaller improvement works, in communal areas, you could be billed for

We are engaging well with leaseholders but your views can help us more

Ask for your practical feedback to help develop our easy to use online tools, See My Data and My Haringey Home app

Give you the chance to rate our services in real time through these online tools

We need to be more proactive in our communication

Ask for your email address – with a £5 incentive - so we can keep you informed and receive your feedback more easily. Provide it to us at

Keep our letters relevant and concise

Keep you updated on improvements to our service

Your satisfaction should be a key performance measure for us

Develop regular satisfaction surveys and include Leaseholder Satisfaction in our Key Performance Indicators

We are also:

  • Training our staff so they can better answer your questions and direct your queries further when necessary
  • Continuing with the Key Leaseholder Scheme which was found to be popular and effective. To join the scheme email

Clear and effective billing

The review found

As a result we will

Our explanation of the service charge is clear and detailed

The introduction of a reserve fund in 2013 was helpful to those new leaseholders

Charges could be better recovered


Review repayment options, ensuring they remain available where needed

Increase reminders of financial help and advice available

Explain clearly where a cap on charges applies due to Government subsidy

Minimise unforeseen increases in charges through closer working with contractors

Leaseholders had identified some errors in invoicing, although these were put right

Complete urgent IT work to align our records to prevent this from happening in future

More residents would benefit from using our online payment tool

Encourage you to sign up to See My Data and the My Haringey Home app

A reliable and accessible service

The review found

As a result we will

We hold good information about the condition of our stock

We offer good value for money

The website’s repair reporting facility demonstrates good practice


Consider offering additional services at a good price to you, such as gas servicing, electrical checks

Update our website to make it easier to use with more self-service options

We are also:

  • Training our contact centre staff so that all the right information is gathered when booking-in a repair
  • Equipping all staff who visit properties regularly with mobile devices so they can help you better there and then
  • Improving the online tools through which you can contact us
  • Providing a lettings service with competitive benefits including rental guarantees, property management and long leases available – should you want to sub-let your property. Email if you are interested.

Leaseholder survey 2015 - the findings

Leaseholder survey October 2015

Letter to leaseholders

Letter to Leaseholders from Board Chair, Keith Jenkins 2015

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