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Tangmere and Northolt resident consultations

Haringey Council is consulting residents of Tangmere and Northolt on proposals for the future of the blocks. This consultation is solely for secure tenants and resident leaseholders who are living in these blocks, or those who have moved from the blocks since 26 June 2018.

In June, Homes for Haringey started speaking to residents in Tangmere about the need to find them new homes while the future of the block is considered. As a result of this Haringey Council is also consulting on a Rehousing and Payments Policy and a Local Lettings plan for the residents of the Tangmere and Northolt blocks.

All three consultations start on Tuesday 11 September 2018 and end on Wednesday 10 October 2018.

Consultations for Tangmere residents

Consultations for Northolt residents

Full details on the consultations can be found here.

Drop-in sessions about the consultations will be held at the following times and locations:

  • 12 September 2018, 3pm-7pm - Location: Base of Tangmere
  • 18 September 2018, 3pm-7pm - Location: Base of Northolt

  • 22 September 2018, 12 noon-2pm - Location: Broadwater Farm Community Centre

  • 26 September 2018, 3pm-7pm - Location: Base of Tangmere

  • 3 October 2018, 3pm-7pm - Location: Base of Northolt

Contact details for enquires

Update August 2018

On 26th June, the Haringey Council cabinet met and agreed with the recommendation to start consultation with the residents of Northolt and Tangmere on the future of their blocks following structural reports outlining the cost of strengthening work.

The Cabinet report also agreed with the recommendation to rehouse Tangmere residents whilst the consultation takes place.

Alternative offers of accommodation have now been made to all Tangmere residents where we have a suitable property available. Thirty-five residents have accepted their accommodation offer. Sixteen residents have refused their initial accommodation offer. We are meeting with them to understand their reasons for refusal and we continue to arrange viewings of alternative properties. We remain short of seven properties where adaptations are required and we have written to the seven largest housing associations in the borough seeking their support.

Appointments for valuations on leaseholder properties are being made and we have agreed to temporarily rehouse the leaseholders who reside in Tangmere during the buy-back process. A formal offer setting out the buy back option will be sent to leaseholders in early September.

Homes for Haringey representatives continue to meet with the Broadwater Farm Residents Association weekly to address their concerns and keep them updated. An Independent Tenant and Leaseholder Advisor (ITLA) has also been appointed to liaise between Homes for Haringey and the Broadwater Farm Residents’ Association to ensure that the negotiations on moving and the buildings works on the estate progress smoothly.

The formal consultation on the future of the blocks is due to begin in early September. Homes for Haringey and council staff will be out on the Broadwater Farm Estate talking to residents about the options. Consultation documents will be delivered to all residents and also be available on the Haringey Council website

District heating works

The district heating works on the Estate are now well underway as we work towards the October deadline for transferring the heating system over to the temporary system. We are committed to ensuring Broadwater Farm residents do not pay any more for their heating and hot water on the temporary system than they currently pay through their individual boiler.

The main challenge for the project team is gaining access to residents’ homes, so contractors will be on site working throughout the weekends and early evenings to complete the work. The contractor ‘Engie’ has opened a residents’ centre in one of the shop units at the Broadwater Farm Enterprise Centre and residents are invited to drop in to find out more about the heating project.

There is currently disruption on the estate linked to car parking due to the installation of lateral pipework for the temporary heating system and we ask residents to bear with us for the next couple of months until this phase of the works is over. If any residents require parking permits or designated spaces due to disability or have specific access requirements, we ask that they contact the Broadwater Farm neighbourhood office so that we can look into the available options.

A separate third party ‘critical friend’ has been contracted to review the district heating project. The design work so far has been reviewed and it has been confirmed it is in line with industry best practice.

Update June 2018

Yesterday (Monday 18 June), Homes for Haringey started visiting residents at Broadwater Farm to update them on structural issues affecting their estate. Letters have been delivered to residents explaining recommended measures for specific blocks, including a consultation with Northolt and Tangmere residents on the future of their blocks following structural reports.

It is also recommended that Tangmere residents will need to be found new homes while the future of their block is decided. The council cabinet will make a decision on these recommendations next week (Tuesday 26 June). Home visits, 1-1 meetings, tailored advice and drop-in sessions will also be held for residents in the coming weeks.

Cllr Emina Ibrahim, Cabinet Member for Housing and Estate Renewal, said:

“We understand that residents on Broadwater Farm – particularly those in Tangmere and Northolt blocks – will have questions and concerns. We are committed to providing a safe, decent and affordable home for everyone and I want to assure all affected residents that we will carefully consider all of the issues, and that any decision we take will be with primary consideration for the safety, aspirations and rights of our tenants.

“Throughout all the work that has been done on the estate in recent months, Homes for Haringey and the council have engaged with residents and the Residents’ Association to ensure that everybody understands the steps that have been taken, and we will ensure that those conversations continue. A decision on the long-term future of these blocks will only be taken following proper consultation with residents. 

“Our residents are our absolute priority and I would encourage anyone with questions to contact the dedicated Homes for Haringey team that has been set up on the estate.

“Whatever decision Cabinet makes next week, we will ensure that every resident is given the help and support they need.”

Update May 2018 

As of mid-May, Homes for Haringey tenancy management teams have visited every home in the blocks and staff have spoken personally to nearly every resident to explain what we are doing and answer any questions.

To ensure that no bottled gas or oxygen cylinders are brought into the blocks there is currently a 24-hour concierge service at Northolt and Tangmere. In mid-May, Homes for Haringey reviewed these measures and implemented these additional measures to help enforce the ban.

• 24-hour cover at the entrance of Stapleford block because it gives access to Northolt block via a walkway.

• Rear door of Tangmere to become exit only. Entry via the front door only, past the concierge station.

• Additional patrols on-site 24-hours a day to support the concierge staff at Tangmere and Northolt blocks.

All gas is scheduled to be removed from the residential blocks on the Broadwater Farm Estate by October 2018.  The work to install a district heating system on estate continues and we are undertaking structural designs for Northolt and Tangmere to identify feasibility of works. 

District heating system enabling works are now taking place onsite and the scaffold is being erected.

The district heating system is scheduled be in place by May 2019. Following discussions with the Broadwater Farm Residents Association, Homes for Haringey is setting up a residents’ steering group to support on the design of district heating system. 

There are other works in taking place across the estate including: a fire door project to upgrade residents’ front doors and the refurbishment of a new site office which will be located at the Enterprise centre.

We will continue to provide residents and stakeholders with updates at each stage of the works.


Update April 2018

Since February, we have been undertaking further checks and these have identified that Tangmere and Northolt blocks also require significant works to prevent potential structural problems in the event of a vehicle driving into the block, or from an explosion from bottled gas or a faulty oxygen cylinder.

Although Kenley and Northolt are both high rises and look very similar, they are of a different construction. Kenley has passed the required tests.

Following these new findings, we will be introducing a temporary 24-hour concierge service to ensure that no bottled gas or oxygen cylinders are brought into the blocks. Our tenancy management team will also be visiting all residents to explain what we are doing and answer any questions.

Given the very low risk and the latest safety precautions being introduced at Tangmere and Northolt, it is not necessary for residents to leave their homes.

As Kenley has passed the required tests, we do not need to take any further immediate action at this block. Some structural work has been identified which we will undertake in a future capital programme.

Residents can continue to use heating, cooking and hot water facilities and we will be continuing with the work to install a district heating system on the Broadwater Farm estate. At this time, residents in other blocks need take no further action.

Homes for Haringey will be carrying out a further options appraisal to look at strengthening works for Northolt and Tangmere. We will have a preliminary report due back from our structural engineers in May and by July, we expect to present residents with the preferred options.

We will continue to proactively communicate with residents and stakeholder groups and update them at each stage of the project.

Update March 2018

Homes for Haringey has completed its option appraisal and have found that the installation of a modern district heating system on the estate is the most effective and efficient option. This will upgrade the existing plant and services, which already serve the two tower blocks on the estate. This option has been confirmed with the Residents’ Association.

Update February 2018

On 12 February 2018, Homes for Haringey started visiting residents in Tangmere block to explain safety measures being taken in the building. It follows findings from structural engineers that Tangmere does not meet the current required standards to use gas.

Following national advice given by the Department for Communities and Local Government earlier this summer, we began investigations into the construction of the estate, which was built in the 1960s and early 1970s. Reviews from structural engineers now suggest that Tangmere does not meet the required standards to use gas, and although the risk is very low, we are taking a number of precautionary steps to enable residents to stay in their homes.

In Tangmere, there are 91council properties with gas cookers and 25 leaseholder flats that may use them too. From Monday 12 February 2018 Homes for Haringey will be replacing all gas cookers in council properties with electric cookers. The same support will be offered to Leaseholders. The team will be working as quickly as possible, depending on staff gaining access to properties. As a precaution, they will also be fitting disrupter valves to switch off the gas if a leak is detected and increasing the frequency of gas safety visits. A gas safety check will be carried out for free in each leased home. There are also plans to replace the gas system temporarily until permanent measures can be put in place.

Homes for Haringey staff will be on the Broadwater Farm estate visiting all potentially affected properties to speak to residents. We will also have a dedicated phone-line for residents 0800 953 0221 and residents can visit the Neighbourhood Office between 9am and 5pm. The on-site concierge is open between 10am and 10pm.

In terms of permanent measures, Homes for Haringey are currently undertaking an option appraisal and options will include:

  • The upgrade of each block to allow for all cooking, hot water and heating services to be electric. The installation of a new district heating system on the estate, upgrading the existing plant and services which are already onsite and which already service the two tower blocks on the estate. The retrospective strengthening of the blocks to allow for the continued use of gas within the estate

Once the option appraisal has been concluded, Homes for Haringey and Haringey Council will engage with residents before a decision is made.

Affected residents can visit the Broadwater Farm Neighbourhood Office or call the dedicated Homes for Haringey line 0800 953 0221

Previous Work

In December Homes for Haringey took the same measures in other low-rise blocks on Broadwater Farm, based on structural engineers’ reports. The blocks were Croydon, Hawkinge, Hornchurch, Lympne, Manston, Martlesham, Rochford, Debden and Stapleford. In terms of permanent measures, Homes for Haringey is currently undertaking an option appraisal and will provide an update in a few weeks.

The two tower blocks on the estate, Northolt and Kenley, do not have gas supplies. As a precaution, structural surveyors are also reviewing these blocks and we will have the results soon.



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