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Garage rent arrears

If you are renting a garage from Homes for Haringey, and you have  arrears we may repossess it.  We will always give you the opportunity to make an arrangement with us to clear your arrears.

However if you do not make an effort to pay them off, we will serve you with a notice to quit.

We will give you seven days notice to remove your belongings from the garage. Once the notice has expired, we will change the locks on the garage and re-let it to the next person on the waiting list.

If we repossess a garage and find that it contains goods or personal possessions, we will store non-perishable items for a short period before disposing of them if you do not collect them.

Because garage rent is low compared to a house or flat, some tenants may fall into the trap of thinking that it is low priority. This is not the case, and our duty is to recover all owed rent, however small. We also have an obligation to those on the garage waiting list.


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5 October 2016