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Tunnel Gardens and Blake Road

Latest update

The conversation we have been having with Tunnel Gardens and Blake Road residents has slowed down whilst the council carry out the required capacity study. A ‘capacity study’ helps identify the potential number of homes that would be possible in an area if development were to be an option. It is not a detailed design.  Once the information from the capacity study is made available, we will share with all residents.

Haringey Development Vehicle

In order to tackle the housing needs in the borough, the Council is adopting an innovative approach to raise funds.  This includes entering into a joint venture with an independent company to deliver housing investment needs.  The joint venture will ultimately operate as an independent company.  Haringey will not enter into any agreement if the ambitions can not be met.  The latest update is Haringey Council has shortlisted three bidders to be considered for the joint venture partnership.   

For more about the Development Vehicle please go to:

Estate Renewals, Re-housing and Payments policy

Earlier this year, Haringey Council carried out a consultation on its draft Estate Renewal, Re-housing and Payments Policy.  It is an important policy as all residents (tenants, leaseholders and freeholders) need to be aware and understand the potential impact of any proposals affecting their home.  The consultation ended in February 2016 and all responses fed into the draft policy.  The final draft paper will go back to the Council’s Cabinet with any recommendations for approval.  The policy looked at issues such as under occupation, suitable accommodation, home loss and disturbance payments, as well as the impact on leaseholders and freeholders.

Find out more about Haringey Council’s Renewals, Re-housing and Payments Policy:

Other news

Maintenance and improvement works

Whilst the council is working with the community regarding the future of the estate, landlord obligations must still be met. Homes for Haringey have appointed Wates as the building contractor to carry out any necessary maintenance works. They are currently undertaking detailed surveys of tenanted properties to establish the extent of any works required.

Once the surveys are completed and the information examined, you will be written to again and informed of what works will take place.

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Resident Steering Group

The Tunnel Gardens and Blake Road Resident Steering Group is a group set up to contribute to the regeneration consultation process.

With the support of an Independent Tenant Liaison Advisor, the Resident Steering Group meets regularly and works with both Haringey Council and Homes for Haringey on the future of the area.

The Resident Steering Group consists of:

  • Authorised residents of Tunnel Gardens and Blake Road
  • Independent Advisors (PPCR) with no voting rights
  • Homes for Haringey officers with no voting rights
  • Haringey Council officers with no voting rights

The Resident Steering Group is not a decision-making group but makes recommendations to Haringey Council. They also help to keep local residents informed about the consultation process.

In October 2014, the Tunnel Gardens and Blake Road Resident Steering Group appointed Public Participation Consultation and Research (PPCR) as the Independent Advisor. PPCR will provide impartial, information and advice to tenants and freeholders for the journey ahead.

Interested in joining the Resident Steering Group?

There are still places left for freeholders to join the Resident Steering Group. If you are a freeholder of Tunnel Gardens or Blake Road, and would like to commit to being on the group, please contact the Communities team.

PPCR is a housing organisation with experience of public participation consultancy across London. You can contact them about any aspect of the consultation process:

  • Tel: 0800 317 066 (landlines only)
  • Your dedicated Independent Advisor is Abraham Nomafo.

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The story so far...

Haringey Council is exploring options for improving housing in the borough as part of our commitment to make sure every family has a quality home. As part of this programme we want to work with you to find ways of improving your home and estate.

Your homes on Tunnel Gardens and Blake Road were designed to be temporary. In many cases they no longer meet modern building standards. As a result, straightforward home improvements are often not practical. We need to find alternative ways of improving your homes and we are committed to working with you to find the best option for the future.

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As part of the first stage of consultation, a survey was sent to every home on the estate in February 2014 to find out residents’ views on their home and what the future for the area should look like. We had useful conversations with residents over a six week period through door knocking, home visits and a drop-in session held on Monday, 24 March 2014.

Feedback from the survey was provided to tenants and freeholders at the public meeting held on Thursday 12 June 2014 at Bounds Green School and Children’s Centre.

Tunnel Gardens Blake Road summary report (pdf). Download the Tunnel Gardens Blake Road survey (pdf). Please note the deadline has now passed for completed responses - for reference only.

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We will provide clear and concise information about what’s happening at each stage to residents.

A newsletter will be sent to every tenant and freeholder of Tunnel Gardens and Blake Road to help keep residents updated on how Haringey Council and Homes for Haringey are working with your community to improve the homes and area, what the next steps are and how you can be involved. Please contact the Communities team if you require a translated or large print copy of a newsletter.

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Contact us

Homes for Haringey’s Communities team are working on behalf of Haringey Council to engage your community in the future of your estate.

If you have any queries or want to speak to a member of the Communities team contact us:

Tel: 020 8489 5321

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28 October 2016