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This section provides a range of useful information for leaseholders, including information about what your lease contains, the charges you have to pay and how you can take part in decision making. We want you to be informed so that you can make the most of your property whether you live there or whether you let it out

We also hope that by keeping you informed, we can encourage you to get involved in helping us provide you with the level of service you need. There are plenty of ways to do this, as you will find out.

If you are thinking of becoming a leaseholder, you will also find helpful information in this section on buying your home and what information Homes for Haringey can provide you with so that you are able to make an informed decision.

Download a copy of our Information pack for leaseholders - June 2015 (pdf) (updated July 2015)

Leaseholder Forum

Homes for Haringey holds regular forum meetings, which any leaseholder may attend. The main purpose is to consider subjects relating specifically to leaseholders. There is more information on our Leaseholder Forum page.

Key Leaseholder Scheme

Leaseholders who sign up for this scheme receive half yearly reports of any day to day repairs carried out to their building and estate.  They can review them and query any apparent duplications or inaccuracies.  They can also volunteer to help inspect communal repairs and other works carried out to their block or estate, and provide feedback on services provided by Customer Services. If you are interested in becoming a key leaseholder, email us at:

Paying for major works

Take a look at our major works invoices page for details about available payment options.

Want to install your own windows?

Homes for Haringey (on behalf of Haringey Council) can provide leaseholders with consent if they wish to change the windows and doors in their leasehold property. Visit our home improvements page to find out more.

Subletting your leasehold property

Any leaseholder may sublet their property but you must register your sublet with us. To do this please email us at:

Did you know?

That we offer cash incentives for paying your service charge in full or by direct debit. Take a look at our actual service charge leaflet 2017 to 2018 to find out more or download a Direct Debit Application Form (pdf).


Give us feedback with your contact details for a response. Please note: we review comments once a week. Service requests must be made to Customer Services.

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22 October 2018