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This section provides a range of useful information for leaseholders, including information about what your lease contains, the charges you have to pay and how you can take part in decision making. We want you to be informed so that you can make the most of your property whether you live there or whether you let it out.

External Wall System statement

External Wall System forms are currently required by lenders to check for the presence of cladding on a building.

This is causing delays and long waiting times for leaseholders who wish to re-mortgage or sell their property. The form may also identify issues which then need rectifying before lenders are willing to lend, which can have a huge financial impact and cause further delay.

The completion of EWS1 forms is not a legal requirement for any landlord or the freeholder to produce. It is, however, recognised that without them, leaseholders may not obtain after lending. 

We are working with other social housing landlords, reviewing our options, and identifying the way we approach this issue. 

Page Last Updated:

20 July 2021