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Consultations and events

Your views and feedback are important in shaping future services.  

Current consultations

No current consultations are running.

Recent closed consultations

Consultation on the proposed 'energiesprong' project to reduce carbon emissions and energy bills

In August and September 2021 we consulted on proposals to undertake a retrofit 'energiesprong' project. This pilot project would allow us to install a number of energy efficiency measures to reduce existing buildings' energy bills, improve thermal comfort levels and improve internal air quality. The results of this consultation will be announced shortly.

For any queries on this consultation, please contact John Mitchinson at or 020 8489 1778.

Consultation on changes to our Leaseholder Payments Policy

In June 2021 we consulted on a set of proposals to reform the current leaseholder repayment policy for major works invoices. Our aim: to offer a range of options that are fair and considerate, and which recognise the needs of individual residents. The results of this consultation were overwhelmingly in favour of each of the proposed changes and will be adopted in a new Leaseholder Payments Policy. 

For any queries on this consultation, please contact our Leasehold Services team at or 020 8489 5169.


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30 September 2021