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Resident complaints panel

About the Resident Complaints Panel

The Localism Act 2011 changed the way complaints are dealt with once the landlord's internal process has been exhausted. Where possible, complaints should be resolved at a local level and this should ultimately reduce the number of complaints that are escalated to the Housing Ombudsman.

In April 2013, we set up a Resident Complaint Panel. If you have an unresolved complaint which has been through our internal complaints processes, then you can ask that it is considered by the Resident Complaint Panel.

The Resident Complaints Panel has been recognised by Haringey Council as a designated resident panel to refer complaints to the Housing Ombudsman. It is listed on their register of resident panels.

You can find our full Complaints Panel Terms of Reference here.

The Resident Complaints Panel can do one of the following:

  • Recommend - the Panel can recommend a resolution for Homes for Haringey to carry out if the Resident Complaints Panel think they have failed in delivering a service
  • Refer - the Panel can refer the case to the Housing Ombudsman if they think there has been a service failure but the resident or Homes for Haringey have refused the Panel's recommendation;
  • Refuse - the Panel can reject the case if they feel that Homes for Haringey and Haringey Council have been reasonable and there is no need for any further local solution.

You can still contact the Housing Ombudsman directly but this means waiting for eight weeks from the date your complaint has gone through our internal procedures.

Interested in joining our Resident Complaints Panel?

Resident Complaints Panel members are all residents who use their experience and knowledge to try and resolve complaints, listen to the complainant and help shape or improve our services in the process by ensuring we follow our policies and procedures.

We are looking for interested residents to join the Panel. Members are from across the borough and get free training, expenses paid and lots of support all the way through. Complaint reviews take place during the day and some in the evening but you could choose which ones to take part in. We would ask you to attend training twice a year but we run daytime and evening sessions to suit everyone.

Membership is open to all council tenants and leaseholders.

Interested in taking part? Contact us:

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16 March 2020