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The Board

Composition of the Board of Directors

As an ALMO, our board is constituency based which means we have a set number of representatives from different backgrounds.

We can have up to four people from each of the following constituencies

  • Residents of Homes for Haringey (only one of which can be a leaseholder)

  • Independents (usually people who have relevant professional expertise but do not reside in Haringey)

In addition, we also have three councillors and a Board Chair.

Appointments to the Board of Directors

Board members are appointed in a variety of ways:

Resident Board MembersBy application and election every three years
Independent Board MembersBy application and interview as vacancies arise
Council RepresentativeBy appointment of Haringey Council

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Board Meeting dates and papers

The agenda, past minutes and other papers for meetings are available at least five calendar days in advance of each meeting on this website. Dates of upcoming Board and committee meetings can be found in the events section.

Attending board meetings

All the Homes for Haringey Board meetings are open to the public for non confidential items of business. We request you notify the Governance Team that you wish to attend so that seating can be arranged in advance.

Verbal questions are not permitted by members of the public during formal Board meetings.

Questions for the board

Questions are not permitted by members of the public during formal board meetings. If you have a general question for the board this should be sent to the Board using the address below, at least two working days before the Board meeting.  The Board cannot accept anonymous questions.

Board meetings start formally at 6.30pm and as the first item of business, the Chair of the Board replies to questions sent to the Board.

At the meeting, the Chair will give details of the questions submitted and provide verbal responses.

If the Board cannot respond at the time of the meeting, it will write a response within five days.

Questions for the board should be sent via email to

Or by post 4th Floor, 48 Station Road, London N22 7TY

Specific problems

If you want to discuss a specific problem, a member of staff will be available from 5.30pm on the day of the board meeting to talk to you and pass your query on to the right person.

Board Subcommittees

The Board has the power to create committees which focus on specific elements of the business to ensure greater time and scrutiny. 

Committees are comprised of Board Members with applicable skills and/or knowledge. Committees can seek independent advice and assistance as necessary and the Board can also co-opt people to the committees to fill a vacant skills gap but they will not be able to vote on any decision items.

The Board currently has two subcommittees:

Audit and Risk Committee

This Committee meets quarterly and is responsible for ensuring that Homes for Haringey is effective at controlling the risks it faces in addition to  the internal and external audit of the company.


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