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Gender Pay Gap 2019

The Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties and Public Authorities) Regulations 2017 requires all public authorities with 250 or more employees to prepare and publish data regarding their gender pay gap on a yearly basis.

This page and the document below provides information about Homes for Haringey’s gender pay gap.

Gender pay gap is concerned with variances in the average earnings of men and women, regardless of role or seniority. It is a broader measure of capturing not only if any equal pay issues exist, but also any pay inequalities resulting from variances in the sorts of jobs performed by men and women and the gender composition of the workforce by seniority.

  • Gender pay gap in mean hourly pay
  • Gender pay gap in median hourly pay
  • Mean bonus pay gender pay gap
  • Median bonus pay gender pay gap
  • Proportion of males and females receiving bonus pay

We have published figures confirming the following: Homes for Haringey gender pay gap data 2019-20 (PDF)


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10 August 2020