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Governance is the systems and processes by which Homes for Haringey is directed and controlled by a board of directors. Homes for Haringey is committed to the highest standards of Governance in the management of its affairs.

The Homes for Haringey Board ensures that Homes for Haringey delivers a high quality housing service while operating in the best interests of residents and within the legal and regulatory frameworks applicable to it.

They are aided in their work by:

The main areas of governance for the Board to oversee:

Strategic planning – setting the strategy for Homes for Haringey, agreeing objectives and monitoring delivery against these.

Service delivery and performance – ensuring Homes for Haringey achieves target levels of performance and delivers high quality services to residents.

Risk management – the prediction and management of risks that could hinder the organisation to achieve its objectives.

Compliance – ensuring staff comply with legal and regulatory obligations as well as internal policy and procedure.

Financial governance - the framework which sets out the Board's policies and staff's responsibilities concerning the financial affairs of the Company.

These arrangements are approved by the Board or via delegated authority at the Audit & Risk Committee.

Homes for Haringey Governing Documents


Governance Handbook (pdf)

Scheme of Delegations (pdf)

Management Agreement (pdf)

Board Papers Confidentiality Policy (pdf)

Code of Conduct (pdf)

Board Member Complaints Procedure (pdf)

Board Member Disqualification Policy  (pdf)

Value for Money (pdf)

Anti-Fraud Strategy (pdf)

Financial Regulations (pdf)

Contract Regulations (pdf)


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5 February 2020