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Find out the different ways in which you can report a repair to us on our Report a repair page.

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If you are a tenant, it is your responsibility to:

  • keep your property clean and in a reasonable condition including decorating the inside
  • let us know as soon as you need a repair and, if possible, take action to prevent it getting worse
  • allow us access to your property to carry out repairs, yearly safety checks or inspections
  • repair and maintain any fixture, fitting or appliance you have put in
  • take action to prevent and control condensation wherever possible
  • repair any damage caused by you, family members or visitors to your home
  • carry out repairs or find someone who can do them for you.

If a break-in or vandalism causes damage, we will carry out any necessary repairs to make your home secure. We will only do further work if you give us a police crime number (not an incident number given over the phone).

We are responsible for:

  • repairing and maintaining the structure and outside parts of your home including glazing and fittings or facilities in shared areas.
  • all water or gas pipes, electrical wiring, heating systems, drainage, power and light fittings inside your home. This does not include items you have installed, or are listed as your responsibility in your tenancy agreement.
  • fitting waste and supply pipe work for washing machines (but you are responsible for installing the appliances).
  • outside glazing, any fences or walls we have built, main paths that lead to the front and back doors and some outbuildings.

For more detailed information about repairs and responsibilities under your tenancy agreement, you can download the Repairs Handbook below.

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If you are a leaseholder, you are responsible for the general upkeep of your home and most of the repairs within it.

We are responsible for the safety, security and upkeep of communal areas, as well as for the structure and outside of the building.

Find out more about repairs and major works for leaseholders.

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Your right to compensation for improvements or alterations made to your home

If you are a tenant or leaseholder you must apply in writing and obtain our written permission before you carry out any improvement and/or alterations to the Council's property.

As part of the Citizen’s Charter scheme, a new Right to Compensation for council tenants only was introduced for home improvements from 1 April 1994.

If you are a council tenant (a resident, not a business tenant) and your tenancy is ending, you may be able to get compensation from your council for certain improvements you have made to your home when your tenancy ends - which is usually when you move.

For further advice, email Customer Services at:

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