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The Decent Homes programme began in 2008 and by the end of government funding in March 2016, over £240m has been invested in Haringey’s housing stock.  More than 14,000 tenants and over 4,000 Leaseholders have benefitted from improvements to their homes.  9,500 tenanted dwellings have been brought up to the Decent Homes standard during the last 8 years. 73% of the stock is decent as at 31st March 2016.  By April 2017, an additional 1,536 homes will be made decent through the final year of the Decent Homes programme.

Maintaining your home in the coming years - How we will maintain your homes with less money to spend

We have less money

In partnership with the Council we have brought 9,500 homes up to the Government’s Decent Homes standard over the past eight years and invested over £240m, but we are now facing a real reduction in the amount of money we can spend.

The money we collect from rents and service charges pays for the maintenance of your homes, and over the next four years the Government has said that your rent will reduce by 1% each year.

This may be welcome news, but it does mean we will have less money. Next year our income will reduce by £2.5m, and by the end of 2020 we expect to have received around £26m less as a result.

In addition to the rent decrease, we have seen an increase in right to buy sales. This increase leads to less rental income to the council which further reduces resources.

Furthermore, the government plans to ask the council to help fund a new scheme where housing associations tenants can buy their own home. This contribution will make the financial position for councils even more challenging.

This is a particular challenge for the London boroughs where house prices are so high. We need to find that money while also replacing the stock which has been sold off.

All this means we are having to change the way we work.

What this means for you

In October, the Council’s Cabinet will consider a new standard of works, which sets out what will be included within our future investment programmes.

We know that we don’t have enough resources to do everything we want. In 2015 we surveyed our stock to identify what works were necessary in the coming years. Given the reductions in funding, we are having to make choices about what works are the most important.

What this means for you:

  • We will continue to repair, replace where necessary, and keep safe your boiler, your roof, your windows and your electric supply – in other words we will keep you safe, warm and dry.

  • We will maintain your kitchens, bathrooms and communal areas if we determine they are beyond repair.

  • We will keep you informed of any planned works where you live and we we will discuss with you what is important before we start works. We will work together with you.

  • We will incorporate other works into the new programme including new areas of work e.g central ventilation systems.

  • We will continue to prioritise works to improve fire safety.

  • We are unlikely to be able afford some improvements, like new door entry or CCTV systems where they don’t already exist.

  • We will have an overall cycle of between seven and eight years during which all homes in the borough will have necessary works completed.

How will we deliver this?

Although we have less money we want to use it better and our new programme of work allows us to coordinate a wider range of works which means:

  • reducing disruption to you (doing more in one visit)

  • providing the very best value for money.

We’re planning to have three main programmes of work:

  • Externals –    

Through our externals programme we will complete works to main building components outside of your home. This will include:

  • Roofs, windows, lifts, door entry systems, communal decorations, estate improvements.

  • We plan to have a cycle of works over approximately eight years – this means we plan to complete works to all homes in the borough once every eight years

  • All works will be subject to survey – we won’t renew items unnecessarily

  • Before works are carried out we will consult residents on what you think so we can take your views into account.

  • Internal

  • kitchens, bathrooms, electric supply, boilers, central heating.

  • We will renew, only replacing where necessary so as not to waste money.

  • Health and safety/specialist works

  • Health and safety works, and some other specialist works (such as structural repairs or lift renewals) will be done when needed, outside of the main cycle.


We will also:

  • Organise works geographically and logically – for example carry out decorating works only after other disruptive major works are completed, and doing multiple works in the same place at the same time to reduce disruption.

  • Inform you of our programmes for the next three years on our website, and consult you on major works planned on your estate up to nine months in advance.

  • Keep accurate, thorough records of what needs attention and when (eg. we know when your roof or windows need repair or replacement), allowing us to maintain good landlord standards in your home.

  • Continue to respond to ongoing repairs requests – which you can notify us of more easily through our new app – download today!

  • Continue to maintain your homes and estates through cleaning, gardening, litter collections and monitoring/managing Anti-Social Behaviour


What next?

Work on the new programme is under­way and once the Council has approved the level of resources and this is completed we will set out the detailed plan for you to consider.  This will show how we intend to work and when work will take place.

To help us develop this plan, we’re working with a group of residents. If you’re interested in finding out about this group, or you have any comments on the information on the website, please email us on

Once the plan is agreed, we will make arrangements to deliver the work in 2017 and onward

Upcoming improvements in Noel Park

One of Haringey Council’s most historic estates is to benefit from major investment over the next few years - as the final two stages of works are agreed.

Starting in 2015, more than 600 homes have already seen improvement works including new bathrooms and kitchens, rewiring, new roofs and heating systems, works on windows, brickwork and painting.

In this year 2017/2018,  578 homes will now be part of further improvements (some of which may have had some external-only work in recent years) both inside and outside; and from 2018 major work to replace the rear bathroom extensions (known as Pods) to around 231 properties will start. It is estimated these extension works will last two to three years.

By the end of this year more than £24million will have been spent improving the homes of tenants in Noel Park.

Homes for Haringey is currently carrying out inspections of all Noel Park “Pod” properties  to ensure any necessary interim repair work is identified.

David Sherrington, Executive Director of Asset Management at Homes for Haringey said: “When it comes to these major works and potential extension replacements we know that each property has its own set of unique circumstances. That’s why we will liaise with residents on a case by case basis to find the best solution – and this includes leaseholders who we know will have different considerations when it comes to their homes.”

Details of Noel Park Estate works:

  • Phase one - £6.7m delivered in the 2015/16 improving 230 homes. Improvements included windows, bathrooms, roofs, kitchens, rewires and heating systems.

  • Phase two - £7.5m of investment currently underway. These funds are being used to improve the externals (windows, roofs, brickwork repair, painting of previously painted surfaces) of 383 homes.

  • Phase three - £9.85m of investment to be delivered as part of the 2017/18 programme of works. Through these works we will provide improvements to 578 homes both internally and externally. Some of the internal improvements include those homes where external only improvements were delivered in phase two.

  • Phase four – improvement works to those houses with prefabricated extensions to the rear will begin. A budget for housing investment has not yet been agreed for 2018 onward but these homes will be prioritised within the housing capital programme once the budget is agreed. Due to the complexity of the works involved, phase four is likely to take place over two to three years. During the 17/18 financial year the design solution for these homes will be developed. Residents will be consulted as part of this work.


Noel Park Frequently Asked Questions, March 2017

Homes without PODs


What works are you planning to do?

All works are subject to detailed surveys and include window replacement, roof repair or renewal, replacement front entrance doors, kitchens, bathrooms, rewiring, heating and boilers.

I have already had some works carried out to the outside of my home, what else can I expect to receive?

You will receive any outstanding internal works identified by the survey.  This includes kitchens, bathrooms, heating and rewiring.

When are you planning to do the works?

The works will be phased over two years, starting in autumn 2017.  We will let you know nearer the time when works will be carried out to your home.

Who will be carrying out the works?

The works will be carried out by one of our appointed Major Works contractors.   When we next write to you, we will notify you of their details.


I am a leaseholder. How does this affect me?

In line with the terms of your lease we will carry out external works only to your home, which will be subject to survey.

How will I be consulted about these works?

We will consult you about the works before they take place. Leaseholder consultation is governed by Section 20 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985. You can find more information on consultation on our website here:

How will I have to pay for these works?

Under the terms of your lease, you are required to pay towards the cost of works to your building. The proportion that you have to pay is set out in your lease. You will be invoiced once works have started on site. We realise that not all leaseholders are able to pay in full, and so offer a range of payment options. You can find out more info ration on our website here:


My home has a back addition bathroom POD, what is Haringey planning to do about them?

We know that the PODs are a key priority and because of this we are working on a plan of replacing them with new improved bathroom facilities.  Works will be phased over two or three years, start in the summer of 2018.

In the meantime, we will be carrying out a separate inspection programme and will undertake any interim repair work required.

Will I be consulted about the proposals for the PODs?

Yes. We will be consulting residents separately about these proposals. This includes leaseholders who we understand will have different concerns about the proposed works. We know that each property will have a unique set of circumstances, so we intent to consult on a case by case basis.                                            


I need repairs to my home.  Should I wait until I am getting the improvement works?

Please continue to report repairs as normal by email at or by calling 020 8489 5611

How can I find out more and get my views known?

If you have any questions or would like further information, you can contact our Asset Management Team on 0208 8489 1778 or email us at

Contact us

If you would like to know more please email the Asset Management team on or call 020 8489 1778.

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